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DKB. Inspired by passion, guided by quality.

DKB has mountains in its DNA

DKB has mountains in its DNA: the letter K originally referred to "Kazbek", the name of a legendary mountain in the Caucasus, demonstrating our passion for snow and nature.

Adventurous spirit, sporty and high-tech character, but also exclusive design and attention to detail: the brand was founded in 2004 on these principles, focusing on the skiing world and producing items of undisputed quality designed to guarantee the best performance on the slopes.

DKB was totally reinvented in 2014 and became part of the Punto Azzurro Group founded by Luigi Loda, which is specialised in the production of technical clothing and apparel for leisure: a company with an Italian heart, with complete control of the manufacturing supply chain.

The name has remained the same, because every revolution begins with history and, particularly, with people.
We also want to try to change the world, at least the skiing world. Because life is more than all this.

Life is more.

Life is more, the vision of DKB

D as design
Design means not only "drawing", "style", it also means creating innovative, timeless, distinctive and high-performance products. Items that give you the freedom to show who you are, in a bustling city as well as on snow-covered peaks. Items in which care is given to the choice of materials and to the details, but without forgetting the latest trends: performance and practicality at the service of style.

K as Know-how
Each item of DKB clothing is the result of a long process that begins with the design stage and ends with testing and final production, passing through selection of the best materials, control of the Italian supply chain and a decade of experience in the sector.
This know-how has allowed us to grow further by focusing on innovation and technology. Inside Punto Azzurro's manufacturing unit, DKB products are made and tested with a perfect synergy between the Research and Development laboratory and the Style and Design Office, allowing fashion, style and fit to be combined with sportiness and performance.

B as brand
DKB has a mission: to be a point of juncture between performance and fashion. We produce excellent items, designed with technology and passion, which are perfect for every moment, making you feel unique, real. Design and Know-how are essential for creating a good product. But a product without soul is like a mountain without snow.